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Founder Focused, Investor Driven.

As Venture Capitalists, we invest in smart people solving difficult problems. Our mission is to generate world-class investment returns over the long term.

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Meet Wavelaunch.

Wavelaunch is an investment VC firm backing the best founders and entrepreneurs who are just getting started; whether it’s pre-seed, seed, or Series A.
— 5+ years. 140+ companies. 17 acquirers.

At Wavelaunch, we work closely with companies to help them get in the best shape possible before we pitch them to our investors. Our initial investment ranges from 500K-2 Million and ideal ownership is 7-12%.

We’re not your typical VC.

We want to be the best partner in the world for founders in the early phases of their businesses, so we built the company to achieve just that. When you collaborate with Wavelaunch, you receive a team of super-active partners that will work alongside you on both major and minor difficulties. Whether it’s developing a fund-raising strategy or considering your organizational design, we’ll be there for you through the ups and downs of starting a business in those crucial first few months.

Furthermore, you will have access to our team, who will work with you to expedite the difficult nitty-gritty of starting a business so you can focus on what makes yours unique. We’re here to help with all of your needs, whether it’s our Pitch Assist Team preparing your Series A deck or our Talent Team connecting you with top-tier applicants.

Most importantly, we were the first to propose the idea of turning a portfolio into a community. When our partners were first starting, the best advice and assistance they ever received came from fellow entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer the tools and forums you need for employees across your organization to learn from and assist one another. You can profit from the collective wisdom of many people if you’re a PM, CFO, or junior marketing. Visit our Philosophy page to learn more about how we do this and the services we provide.

Many early-stage entrepreneurs don’t have an instinctual notion of how they’ll acquire consumers. They may be familiar with the typical levers to pull and experiments to do, but each firm is unique — and in some cases, highly unique if they’re working in a new area or domain. Whether you’re a consumer brand attempting to perfect early paid marketing or a business planning its go-to-market strategy, the best way to get up to speed quickly is to learn from others who have been there before you.

Our partners have worked with hundreds of founders on their early growth and customer acquisition plans and trials, in addition to being entrepreneurs themselves. We’ve seen every type of company, sector, and approach imaginable, and we make a point of sharing what we know (along with hard-won lessons from our prior businesses) in weekly working sessions between partners and founders. If we don’t know the solution, we’ll find someone who does. It is our responsibility to make it simple to locate.

Wavelaunch allows everyone in our community (from all of our companies) to openly share their concerns and difficulties, ask questions, explain their challenges, and share what they’ve learned with others.

Finally, we have a real-world database of hundreds of specialists from various functional areas that we can connect to our clients to deliver tailored, situation-specific advice. These individuals, who have worked at organizations both inside and outside the Wavelaunch portfolio, have told us everything they know in great detail so that we can connect them to the relevant problem-solving possibilities on demand. So, whether a startup has to restructure its sales force, do an A/B test on its landing page, or calculate its CAC and LTV, we can set them up for a call, coffee, or meeting to solve the problem and propel them forward quickly.

Growth isn’t something that happens by itself. It’s a grind. It’s navigating the frontier without a map and hacking through the forest. Every time. When that’s your reality, all you can hope for are the best guides, and we’ve got you covered.

Our investments are split between two funds, each with slightly different criteria. Our seed fund is made up of “science or innovation experiments” in which we are frequently the lone investor. Our main fund invests in more traditional enterprises in all fields of technology, from early to later stages.

We search for “A” teams and founders – entrepreneurs who know what they know (and are the best in the world at it), but also know what they don’t know and are willing to develop strong teams to fill in the gaps. We put more emphasis on people than on a specific strategy because plans are subject to change.

The responses to this question differ from one organization to the next, but there are some common processes that everyone follows. While we typically strive to go at the founder’s pace, there is one crucial rule to remember: the less time we have to make a decision, the more conviction we must have in a company. We can spend months building a relationship (which, honestly, we prefer). In some cases, we can go from an introduction to a conclusion in less than a week. Here’s a general outline of what to expect:

1. Initial meeting: Before we meet, we’ll review the material sent by the founder. The idea here is to check whether the company meets our fundamental investment requirements, and make sure it’s not in direct competition with any of our other investments.

2. Second meeting: The majority of our “passes” happen after the first meeting. If you make it through that meeting, you’ll spend more time with your Wavelaunch partner as we both learn more about one other. This is our opportunity to hone in on specific aspects of the business about which we have questions.

3. Follow-up: All of our decisions are made as a team in our collaboration. As a result, we frequently suggest promising founders to another Wavelaunch investor for a follow-up discussion.

4. Partner meeting: If these conversations go well for both of us, we make some reference/due diligence calls and invite you to meet with the rest of the partners at our twice-weekly investment meeting. Here, you’ll have about an hour to tell your story to the entire partnership and answer questions.

5. Final Decision: Our partnership will discuss your firm in great detail after your presentation, to provide you with a final response within 24 hours after the meeting.

On paper, ideas are simple to describe. People aren’t though. That’s why we’ve always placed a premium on recommendations from people we know and trust. This covers those who lead and work for Wavelaunch startups, as well as angel investors, other entrepreneurs, and so on. It provides us with more information to work with.

However, we know that great ideas can come from anyone, and there are lots of fantastic founders out there who lack these connections – notably those from underrepresented backgrounds in IT. With this in mind, we’ve established a form where you may submit a potential investment for our staff to consider. Apply here to be considered.

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Get access to low-risk high-return investment opportunities. Our ROI generated is currently averaging at 7.2x for our early-stage investors. Wavelaunch also offers investment pooling facilities, pre-IPOs, and more.

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With hundreds of funded startups, the current combined valuation of our companies is $2.7 billion.

We’re proud of our founders.

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