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Our Philosophy

We invest in smart people solving difficult problems.


If you look at a few venture capital websites, you’ll realize that they all sound the same.

They all claim to work with exceptional founders. You will hear terms like “We believe that technology can change the world” or “From the beginning, we have backed excellent businesses.” That hasn’t always been the case though. Seed-stage financing was not a thing a few years ago, and many people thought it would survive. Founders who afterward became investors were outliers.

Every VC promises founders access to folks and networks that will help them succeed. Even multi-stage and mega-growth corporations are getting into seed-stage investing, putting money into startups that are only a few people with a great idea.

However, speak with a few Wavelaunch Founders and they’ll explain how we’re different.

They’ll tell you how we’ve helped them go from a great founder to a great CEO by understanding how difficult and lonely the startup path can be. They’ll discuss how we helped them establish a better company by focusing just on the first two years — in part because we’re not available to lead their Series A or B round.

They’ll tell you that instead of stuffy board meetings, we believe in working sessions when you’re just getting started — jam sessions when we dive deep on a topic. That their Wavelaunch partner is the first person they phone and call, their corner coach — and the kick in the back when they need it the most.

The startups we’ve backed will gush about how we helped them get their most critical hiring, position their business, and design their sales playbook. Skyler Joves from InfluenceBLU will tell you that she met her co-founder Reiner through us. Ranveer from Otipy will remember how we worked with him as his head of marketing early on to brand for its success.

And Brand05’s founders will gladly discuss how they fine-tuned their sales pitch with their first 20 customers, all of whom were Wavelaunch companies. They’ll almost certainly note that through the Wavelaunch Review, we give the greatest tactical tips to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same.

While the word “community” is bandied around a lot these days, they’ll say that our efforts to connect founders across Wavelaunch companies have given them the most beneficial collection of peers. They’ll tell you that our Founder Retreat was “hands down” the “most valuable professional event” they’ve ever attended. That this group of peers not only assists them in dealing with tactical issues but also gives them a sense of belonging.

They’ll tell you how exhausting and time-consuming getting finance may be, and how much Pitch Assist helped. How a specialized Series A capital team assisted them in crafting a compelling narrative, determining the best strategy, and creating a visually appealing presentation that got the job done. They’ll tell you that they never expected to spend 50 hours honing their pitch, but that this fundraising boot camp is one of the main reasons why 80 percent of First Round-backed firms “graduate” to Series A. (compared to an industry average of 31 percent ).

They’ll tell you that we’re quality-obsessed and always striving to improve. We start small and iterate quickly, as do all great founders. That Fast Track began by putting together a small group of mentors and mentees in the hopes of learning something over a quarter. It is presently a program that provides approximately 1500 people with structured learning and development programming regularly. 83 percent of mentees feel their jobs have altered as a result of their mentorship.

Above everything else, they’ll tell you that we always do the right thing, even when it’s difficult. We believe in long-term thinking, and we will not be out there trying to make $0.10 on our dollar if the company is shut down. They are well aware that we may be the first to check into their next venture.

It’s difficult to explain how we’re different when every venture capital website says the same thing. Fortunately for us, not every VC receives the same treatment from founders.

Team Wavelaunch

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