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Terms of Use

Thank you for taking the time to visit These Terms of use govern your use of this Website, including the content, materials, and information available on or through it (collectively, the “Materials”) (these “Terms”). You confirm that you have read and agree to these Terms by using this Website.

Who We Are

Wavelaunch, which offers administrative and other services to multiple Wavelaunch organizations, maintains and operates this Website. This Website, in keeping with industry practice, may employ phrasing that could be read as implying that our firm is a single entity. However, there is no such thing as a single entity, and each of the entities that make up our firm has its legal existence.


ALL MATERIALS ARE Given “AS IS,” MAY NOT BE RELIED ON FOR ANY PURPOSE, AND ARE NOT SUBJECT TO ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, except certain Materials provided through a password secured section on this Website (see below). We make no representations or guarantees about the Materials’ accuracy, completeness, non-infringement, or fitness for a specific purpose, except to the extent that Materials provided through a password secured area on this Website are subject to other restrictions.

You should be aware that a large amount of the Materials contains or contains information given by third parties that we have not vetted or verified. We are frequently subject to a variety of confidentiality obligations to funds, investors, portfolio companies, and other third parties as a result of our investing activity. Any comments we make may be influenced by such confidentiality restrictions, and we may be unable to make full disclosures as a result.

You should interpret any statements we make (on this Website or otherwise) in that context, regardless of the effect of additional warnings and disclaimers outlined in these Terms.
Please make sure your computer security is up to date and comprehensive. We take no responsibility for any viruses, malware, or other dangerous or harmful software that may be found in the Materials or elsewhere.

Third-Party Sites

We take no responsibility for third-party sites that are linked to or accessible from this Website. It is recommended that you read the terms of service for those sites. You are solely responsible for any access to or use of a third-party site.

Password Protected Areas

A password-protected area of this Website may be used to access certain Materials. Each password is meant to be kept private and used only by the person or entity to whom it is given. Do not give out your password to anyone who isn’t supposed to know it. If you access Materials through a password-protected area, please be aware that the parties’ respective rights and obligations concerning those Materials are governed by the written agreements between you and the applicable Wavelaunch entities, as well as any provisions outlined in those Materials. Materials delivered through a password-protected area, in particular, are normally secret and subject to disclosure and use restrictions.

No Offer, Solicitation, or Advice

Except as expressly stated in Materials provided through a password-protected area of this Website, or as otherwise specified in writing by a Wavelaunch entity, nothing on this Website is intended to constitute an offer to buy or sell any security, other assets, or service, (ii) investment advice or an offer to provide such advice, or (iii) a recommendation to buy or sell any security, other assets, or service. Unless otherwise indicated in writing by a Wavelaunch, neither this Website nor any of the Materials attempt to provide a complete or balanced picture of Wavelaunch or its investing operations.

Restrictions on Use; No License

Concerning the design and content of this Website, we reserve all rights. You must not, in particular, misappropriate the design or content of this Website, nor change or deface such design or material in any manner. Except for downloading and using Materials purely for your personal information, nothing on this Website provides you any license concerning such design or content.

Ownership of Trademarks, Etc.

All text, images, graphics, logos, material, and other materials on this Website are protected by copyright, trademark, and other applicable laws in India and abroad. Wavelaunch, its affiliates, or their respective owners own all trademarks, trade names, and logos displayed on this Website, and this Website offers no license to them. Our registered trademarks in India.

Submitting a Business Plan or Other Confidential Information

We cannot accept responsibility for protecting against misuse or disclosure of confidential or proprietary information or other materials in the absence of our express written agreement to do so due to a large number of business plan ideas and related materials that we review, and the similarity of many such plans and materials. We may use or disclose any plans, information, or other materials you provide in connection with this Website for any purpose and in any manner we deem appropriate at our sole discretion. Please think about this carefully before providing us any confidential or proprietary information or materials.

Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to use “cookies” and similar mechanisms to track visitors to and usage of our Website and to use any such information as we see fit.

Limitation of Liability

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by a Wavelaunch entity, NO WAVELAUNCH INDIVIDUAL OR ENTITY SHALL BE LIABLE FOR YOUR USE OR RELIANCE ON THIS WEBSITE OR THE MATERIALS. Our capacity to disclaim liability is limited in some jurisdictions. Our responsibility in those areas will be restricted to the maximum extent permissible by applicable law.

Modification of these Terms

At any time, we retain the right to change these Terms. Please review these Terms regularly for any updates. Continued use of this Website after changes have been posted represents your binding acceptance of such changes.


Wavelaunch, a company based in India, manages and controls this website. If accessing or using this Website is illegal or restricted in your country of origin, you should not do so. Those who access this Website from outside India do so at their own risk and are responsible for adhering to all applicable local laws and regulations. These Terms, as well as any issues relating to these Terms or your use of this Website or the Materials, will be governed by the laws of India in all respects, without regard to considerations of conflict of laws. Unless the applicable Wavelaunch companies agree differently in writing, any disputes relating to these Terms will be decided exclusively in the state or federal courts of New Delhi, India. These terms constitute the complete agreement between you and us concerning the subject matter herein, and they supersede any earlier agreements. These Terms are meant to benefit all Wavelaunch persons and entities as third-party beneficiaries. Only in writing can we waive our rights under these Terms. You, as well as your successors and permitted assigns, are bound by these Terms. If any provision of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be severed from the rest of these Terms and replaced with a valid and enforceable provision that is as similar in intent as reasonably possible to the provision that was severed, without invalidating or enforcing the rest of these Terms.

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